Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tag Dari Tunku Leeya

1)5 Fakta Menarik Ttg Pemberi Award:
  • Tunku leeya Hezlin
  • classm8 2 yrs in a row
  • caring
  • kindergarten teaher
  • luv childrens (eceh2...hihi =p)

2)10 facts+hobbies abt myself (wuu,xbape suke wat bnde tunku nyer pasal,kite watjelah hihih
  • berangan nak nama kiroro miraie
  • suke makan
  • suke cokelet
  • brown lovers
  • semakin tua semakin sensitip (ohh momma...)
  • plupe yg amat
  • rajin hilangkn bnde
  • eldest frm 4
  • luv noor aini & rusli very much..
  • luv the Dahalans' & the Ismails' too

3) Final step,choose 10 other ppls to be tagged:

  • I CHOOSE YOU,YOU,YOU,YOU,YOU,YOU,YOU..............................ILOVEYOU (huhu... =p)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The D'Born..Sabah With Luv (.^,^.)

-Flight to KKIA @ 955pm
-Arriving @ KKIA on 1155pm

-The Opening Ceremony
-Ramah Mesre w' d UMSians

-Poring Hot Springs
-Snapping pixies bckgrounding Mt. Kinabalu

-White Water Rafting @ Kiulu River (am i spelling it right?? huhu..)

-Queen Elizabeth Hospital
-Snorkeling @ Pulau Manukan (damnly fun..guys,try it..!!)

-Motivasi Rumah Anak Yatim Tambunan

-Motivasi SMKA KK
-Teacher's Day Celebration =)
-Malam TQ =D

-Taman Crocs, Tuaran
-Shopping/Window Shopping @ Pasar Philipinnes (Gaya St.)
-Fly back to KL (it were delayed n we flew @ 1020pm)

p/s: ulser d mulut+athma attack in d morning+ some of my cash hilang(syakierah yg clumsy ohh momma..)+demam sebentar on d 2nd nyte+and the 'cold war' whch is equals to im having fun not to d max..but still sabah will remain clear in my mind..The soothe,the fun,the love..SABAH, I'LL BE BACK InsyaAllah =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

...For Noor Aini Hj. Ismail...

Sory 4 treating u badly
Sory 4 dint listen 2u
Sory 4 all d lies
Sory 4 the harsh words b4
Sory 4 forgetting to call u sumtyms
And sory becz theres a tym I dint put u in my prior..

I highing my voice wen u advice me
Theres a tym I dont lyk to listen 2any1
I yell, I let my temper on u
Owh Syakierah..
Wth r u doin..???

U nvr show d pain u feel
Inside or outside
U cry
The tears drop not frm d eyes
It drops frm your lil heart
U cry loudly
But nvr been heard by any1

Ur daughter has do so many sins to u
And d sin is UNCOUNTABLE
Cant be compared with every molecules of water in d ocean
Or with d NA of air

Ds Syakierah do luv u very much
Ds Syakierah cant live w'out u
Ds Syakierah wants to make u hepy
Ds Syakierah oso damnly wants to fulfill ol ur desires n dreams

Ayong luv Mama
Sory 4 ol d wrongdoings
May l8r HIM wil sorting u in with the faithfullers in heaven afterworld


Friday, May 8, 2009

Untuk Kamu MySpace

This Bear Is For:
1)Tadika Agama Wangsa Maju's lil brats
2)Gank of Primary/Secondary Skewl o' Taman Tasek,Ampang
3)The Dudes o' TekBP,Melaka
5)The Burhans' (Aspirasis,Dutas,Taekwandos)
7)K4Ns' Galz
8)Frens frm FS.Tagged,FB,YM =)
9)The Chemo Gig (UKM)


..HawTy HaWT..

MySpace Malaysia sgt panas.. Dulu panas, boleh lagi tahan. Tp skg agak xtahan. Malam pon rase panas. Satu hari mandi smpi 4-5kali kadang2 tu. Waa, dehidrasi berlaku menyebabkan bibir dan kulit menjadi kering.MySpace

MySpace Ok, mari sehati berdansa wuuh~ Mama sory yer.. isk3 MySpace

MySpace Ptg tadi hachoom2 xhenti selame 2jam. Ohh, throat soring very bad. Mukush kua jer sepanjang mase itu. Ohh, idong cm nak tercabut jer rase. Tdo smpi megrib huu..

Esok? Esok xtawu lagi ape akn berlaku. Take evry single mins hapen in lyf as one of HIS orientation to gv a lesson to HIS slaves. And take evry single thngs happen on us with an open-heart.. Alhamdulillah ya Rabb 4 ds wonderful lyf.. Ok, till the fingers meet wit d keyboard again.. Babai 4 nw =)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Huu...Mama~ isk3..

Ok,anoder hard day 4 me..(wohh,xnyempat2 trus jump to climax..) Hm,its started with a very late wake up (bagus Syakierah bagus..) Supposely I shud get ready pack ol my thngs to send it home today, tp dah tertulis d Luh MahfuzNya harini aku tidak jadi balik atas sbb2 tertentu (tidak2 aku tidak menyalahkan kamu ya (= ..) Hm, mood hv change, mungkin sbb Mama pon dah mcm marah2 sbb xnk ikot plening die tempoh hari. Evrythng might comes so smooth now if I've listened to her earlier. Huu, bkn nyer aku xpenah kne bebel ngn Mama sblm ni tp siyes harini rase cm 'BIG LOSER'. Mama kate Im not good in planning thngs. Yer,mmg betul tu. Recently ape jua yg d'plankan mesti hasilnya sgt2 mendukacitakan. And it has makes me become afraid of doing some thngs even the thngs is jz a small & easy matters. Rentetan dari itu, hari ni lunch pon cm monyok2 sket (sory sgt2, not my intention to dear~).. Balik bilek trus tdo n solat zohor pada hujung jam 3ptg (gud Syakierah gud..!!).. Hm, and ryte now supposely I shud pack some of my thngs but Im still doin ds blogging thngs (owh2,bloody hole u itnet bloody hole..).. Wohh, aku blur laa.. Xder mud xder mud.. BIG SIGH~~MySpaceMySpace


Ok,here's the solution.. Solat asar then balik kol5 kang ngn Syirah. Dlm kete act lyk nothng bad has happen then sampi2 umah trus senyum kambeng ngn mama n ayah. Esok? Ya esok.. Esok g setel kete,bill d post office n g bank. Pastu baru amik brg2 yg belom di pack d UKM (ok,get ready 4 anoder 'bebel2' huu~) Balik UKM, trus wat kje dBorn (mne2 yg belom setel lagi..) Yah, go Syakierah go.. Kawan2, aku balik umah dlu (alaa,sok2 jmpe balik muke cun ku ini huhuhu~) Xmo tensi2, senyum byk2 n mintak maap pada yg dah aku 'ter'lepas emo tadi.. Keh,babai

p/s: credit to Madah rum8 pendengar setia, Encik Napi tersyg tempat 'ter'lepas emo n die pon redo jer huu, Syirah sudi kasik tompang balik umah dan juge kawan2 d bilek up tadi serta Encik Jejen juge..Mkaseh kawan2 mkaseh MySpace

Monday, May 4, 2009

Uve Been Tagged..

MySpaceRules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own post, erase my answers, enter yours and tag people you want. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real; nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

1. What is your name : Syakiera
2. A four letter word : Shut
3. A boy's name : Shamin =)
4. A girl's name : Siti Sifir
5. An occupation : Surgery
6. A color : Silver
7. Something you'll wear: Slack..(4tyms b4..)
8. A food : Shushi
9. Something found in the bathroom: Seliper Toilet (accepted..?)
10. A place : Sydney (weehuu~)
11. A reason for being late : Sgt ssh bangun
12. Something you'd shout : Sengal..!!
13. A movie title : Sepet
14. Something you drink : Susu Anlene =)
15. A musical group : Scorpion
16. An animal : Singa aumm...!!
17. A street name : Sambathan (KL..)
18. A type of car : Sorento (weyh,not really into car.aderkn kete ni,aderkn??)
19. Title of a song : Semangat yg ilang..

- YOU...!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

BloggY MaNiaC

Hye..My name Noor Syakierah Rusli. Doing my chem tech in UKM. Jz a simple person with simple interest........Bla3...MySpace

Wohh,giler cliche ayat kat atas..Haram kne gelak guling kat adek2 aku yg bace blog aku ni nanti..Ehemm,ok2..Hehh,giler mem'blog.Spt tajuk di atas,YER AKU GILER BLOGGING. Suke menulis(more on typing i gess..) and read ppl's blog. I dunno hw do ds maniac comes. Hm,blogging makes me feels free to express what do I really feel inside. Blogging also makes me become more creative (than d usual haha).. Dah giler mem'blog menyebabkan kegilaan2 yg dolu kalanya (like fb,fs,tagged,myspace etc.) ditinggalkan bgtu shj. Tapi,dah nama pon Syakierah kn, ape jer bnde yg paling lame die boley minat.

Ok,thru bloggy ni juge kite boleh melihat those popular ppls like models, artists (tho he/she is only sing in utube uhuhu..) lifestyles n makes ppls to like them more becz of the 'humbility' shown thru their blogs. And, my most fav blog were own by Dodot Kedondong, LutfiAmri, HanisZalikha and AbgSham. 'Catchy' layout, simple,interesting (humorous shud b include..) , entertaining and of course must be informative too. (Ohh2, hidung berdarah biler dgr name LutfiAmri huu~)MySpace

Well ppl, I jz get started in ds arena. Sile beri tnjuk ajar. Salah silap harap ditegur. Moge dgn kegilaan baru ni, youth nowadays will be more creative instead of gaining more infos thru their blog readings..Papai.Yosh~!!MySpace

p/s: Any ideas 4 me to make ds page become more interesting? Feel free to 'menjerit' @ d shoutbox at d right page. Any suggestions on what entry shud I write on? Sile 'jerit' di box yg dsediakan.Peace~

--SToP ThE STuPiDiTY--

U deserves it..Think abt it deeply Syakierah..

Saturday, May 2, 2009


some of my besfrens (.^,^.)

Front:Haffrinot,Madah,Ekalily..Back:KakDayah..Shayang u guys.Moge Allah melindungi kalian dunia akhirat,moga Dia juga memberkati dan memanjangkan ikatan kita semua..

p/s:kawen jgn lupe ajak hohoo

--Saye Ngidam--

Tym2 busan gni mmg bes kalo pkene teh tarik/hot choc/teh o es limo with some slices of brownies,hooMySpace So,here are d recipes of my fav sweety brownies..Selamat Mencoba

The Ingredients:
¼ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder.
½ cup of sifted unbleached flour.
2 ½ tablespoon of sotened margarine.
1 ½ tablespoon of chopped walnuts.
½ cup of sugar.
1 egg.

Preparation Instructions:

1)Preheat oven on a high setting.
2)Lightly grease a 3 ½ x 7 ½ inch baking tray.
3)Cream the margarine and sugar in a large bowl.
4)Mix in the cocoa powder, then add the egg and whip the mixture for about 1-2 minutes, until smooth and all the cocoa powder has been combined.
5)Sift the flour and add to the mixture, stir in the nuts.
6)Evenly spread the batter into the tin and bake for 18-20 minutes or until a cake tester comes out slightly moist.
7)Cool the brownie and then cut into 10 squares.

Owh2 brownies..Aku chenta sama you


Panggilan Kaabah =)

panggilan kaabah..Alhamdulillah,sejuk perut ibu n mummy ngandungkn kalian ihii~

Godek2 folder pix jmpe plak gmbo ni huu...(left:Adelia,right:Allisa) KakYong heart u both huhuhu MySpace

Friday, May 1, 2009

--KueH LaPiS MaMa NoRa--

Hye dear readers (owh2,ade ker yg mem'follow blog ku ni?).. Ok,lets get straight to d point guys..Pic above menunjukkan kueh lapis melayu.Yah,4 u gus info in my rsidence kueh lapis melayu mama i paling meletop skalik (wahh gtu).. Ya,serious talking sayang.. And 4 d moment, my Mama ader amik tempahan,tapi secara kecil2an ajer lah.. Well,inspired by Jeanne Ray's writing Eat Cake ive ask Mama to use her talent in cooking by try to expand the sell jz not im our residence but also in KL+Selangor area.. Well, the kueh lapis is totally suits in any ocassions (wedding,kenduri kendara&bday party also can..) Im not saying ds 4 fake o to gain money easily, but if u guys wants to knw hw 'kick' my Mama's kueh lapis do try it now. Tempahan boleh dibuat pada nombor ini-- 0136011390(Mama aka Pn.Noor Aini bt Hj Ismail) Ok ya, bye2 now =)

p/s:Jangan men miscall2..Nti mama i marah..We more interest in serious customers who wants to make a serious order.. Ok =)


Dasar kambeng mmg cmtu.. Kambeng ni mengingatkan aku pd sorg manusia tu jer.Kaler kulit & janggut same dah hahaha..Kambeng,mne tahu ape yg kite ckp pd die,xpndai jage hati org len,dan kalo korg nak tahu,kambeng ni hewan yg mmg suke pentingkan dri die jer..Hamik ko,mmg serupe dgn sorg manusia tu..Nyampah giler aku..