Saturday, May 9, 2009

...For Noor Aini Hj. Ismail...

Sory 4 treating u badly
Sory 4 dint listen 2u
Sory 4 all d lies
Sory 4 the harsh words b4
Sory 4 forgetting to call u sumtyms
And sory becz theres a tym I dint put u in my prior..

I highing my voice wen u advice me
Theres a tym I dont lyk to listen 2any1
I yell, I let my temper on u
Owh Syakierah..
Wth r u doin..???

U nvr show d pain u feel
Inside or outside
U cry
The tears drop not frm d eyes
It drops frm your lil heart
U cry loudly
But nvr been heard by any1

Ur daughter has do so many sins to u
And d sin is UNCOUNTABLE
Cant be compared with every molecules of water in d ocean
Or with d NA of air

Ds Syakierah do luv u very much
Ds Syakierah cant live w'out u
Ds Syakierah wants to make u hepy
Ds Syakierah oso damnly wants to fulfill ol ur desires n dreams

Ayong luv Mama
Sory 4 ol d wrongdoings
May l8r HIM wil sorting u in with the faithfullers in heaven afterworld


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