Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dude.. Glad Chatting Wit Ya..

Satu>>Glad.. An amount of air has be fill in my lungs n makes my 'hiding' happiness sparking (tho a bit huu~) n less movement of my 'urat2 muke' ( smyle i mean) comes out frm d very deep of my heart.. N hoping d smyl n d enjoyments feels tonyte wont neva dcrease, but may it increasing 4 d nxt secs in my lyf..

Dua>>N 4 'u'.. Lagu bawah utk 'u'...

Tres>>Shopping barang bawak balik Ostel..Owh, cant wait hee~

Ampat>>Kerja2 n i luv my kerja

Fi5e>>The Climb, caricature n UPSM.. oW yEaH.. (.^,^.)

Anam>>Luv my family.. Mama ayah, kalian sgt kuat.. I heart n adore sooo much u both..(.^,^.)


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