Saturday, January 23, 2010

[Theology-Sherman Alexie]

The mad barber wants to cut my hair
but he is an atheist

So I am not afraid
if he were religious, sory.

An insomniac Catholic
or a Muslim with a toothache

I would be terrified
I would have to take him

behind the old warehouse
at Third and Skye

and shoot him twice
once in each eye


I 'steal' the poem from Young American Poems last week juggling with @ MPH. This has taking my eyes so away. Reminding me of 'her' who has totally 'change'. An honest thought from her has made all my heart, soul and nerves vibrant badly. I want to drag her back to the basic but I dint know why for the thousandly times I dont have the guts to do it. We are sisters back then at boarding school, really taking care of each others. Hoping she can be aware before anything goes late for her.. Almighty ya Rabbi, please help us out.. Aminn~

Life without holding to any beliefs brightly leads to a self-ruining. Grateful to be born as Muslim tho not perfectly at the eyes of others. Lailahailallah~ This heart and soul only craving for Allah's barakah. May all of us feel the peace under Allah's willingness till our last breathe. InsyaAllah~

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