Saturday, February 4, 2012

performens enzaiyeti (performance anxiety)

Jangan mengadu pada blogs, @ fesbuk @ twitter @frenster( itupon kalau masih ada).. Tapi mengadulah pada Allah SWT yang menyusun dan menentukan perkara yang akan berlaku pada diri setiap individu di muka bumi ini.

But, Im still want to erm, confiding (sharing perhaps) to some of my fear I have to face daily, which is being afraid of under performance or more rightly to be call performance anxiety..

Well, it goes like this. Everyday, my sv will record our work count, and my count I can say is the lowest of the most. And Ive been thinking that he might have this -ve thoughts on me and indicate me as one who have to be eye-on. And it can bring to worse where I feel like I'll lost my chance to be in better position or will be under-estimate by the upper managements @ even my colleagues.

This really stress me out, and like usual the way I took to conquer this is by acting like nothing happen, and ignore the 'heck' im facing and let it grow like a cancer and Im just waiting it going to explode in myself.. Allah hai~~ -_-"

Ive google some webs that might help me to overcome this, and from what Ive read, these are the ways that can help me to prevent the overwhelm situation.

1. maintain my perspective
  • maintain healthy lifestyle and work. (diet, body and mind healths)
  • jotting down successes in a journal to help keep perspective, can make us to realize we can be more successful and help to build confidence when we stress about work performance hits.

2. Ask for help

  • when you not clear with some jobs correctly, in most casses asking your boss to clarify his directions may be helpful, and shows that you're eager to do a good job
  • if you cant shift any of your responsibility, try to breaking each large task to smaller, manageable parts that feels lees daunting.

3. Lighten the load

  • by discussing with a good friends @ family member
  • BE CAUTIOUS WHEN DISCUSSING UNDER PERFORMANCE ANXIETY OR OTHER-WORK RELATED STRESSES WITH COLLEAGUES, because its possible that the might spread the information around and try to against you. Make sure you discuss with someone you feel you can trust the most :)

4. Pursue activities outside of work.

  • pursuing continued education related to job
  • gaining further expertise through courses, workshops, or retreats - this may help to boost confidence and abilities ;)
  • doing or participate in volunteer work can all give you the feelings that work is not the central part of your life

5. Love your work

Just like and love what you were doing now. Get know the job scopes more wider from normally you were doing. Try to ask more challenging tasks , and try your best to accomplish the works as best you can done. Ignore whatever peoples surround may says about it, just be grateful things done, and if possible, try to record a personal measure so you can make it as an indicator and try to make it more better next time. And last but not least, do your work with sincere, which is more worth it than any physical response due to a good work.

Well, successful is an amount of LITTLE discipline that being observe and practice CONTINOUSLY. Buat kerja banyak2 ,bina disiplin kecil- kecilan. So goodluck for myself in conquering my own fear,mwahahaa ~~ May Allah leads me for a better attitude and life. Amin..

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