Thursday, August 28, 2014

Important Part In My life - Sisters

Is the first ever best friend you had
Your 1st listener
Your 1st who-you-share your imagination with
You 1st playmate, teammate

They sometimes can be your protector
From naughty boys at school or at the playground
Or if something happen to you, they will be the 'siren' to tell your parents on your condition =_="
And ya, not forgotten... Your fashion advisor as well ^_^'

When the time flew by, and we are ageing,
Create our own path, and decide to do what we have to do
No more playmate, or listen to secrets as often as before..

But still, 
Thank you for all you've doen to me
Since we were baby till now.
Love bonded as been written by Him,
Eternity, Dunia Akhirat ...

Happy Birthday Noor Baizura who were born on 29th August 1989.
May you have a brighter future, excell in both dunia akhirat, In Sha Allah

Baby & Ayang, 
Twins who shine my childhood life,
Im wishing you both may have a good life ahead & stay healthy.
And spread your shine to others, as you both is one of the best persons to know with.


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