Thursday, September 3, 2009

the 1/2 day story

Miss my sahor,waking up at 645am because of makcik pakcik cleaner chatting among dem a bit loud in their java lang. The best part is, i aslept on my desk. Aching at my back & my neck. Adesz~

Staying up l8 last nyte 4 my midsem test. Chem Analysis, iluvu my baby boo chemo..

Afta d mid test, walking slowly to my room. Penat semacam. My stomach starts to sounds like lion growls while hunting for their preys. Menyumpah2 diri sendiri sbb tak bangun saho *loooonggg siiiiigghhhh*

Hoping like deer right away after the door room were opened. Tido after texting my dear Happ (hihi~). Bangun semula @ twelve, mandi sbb kepale mamai (norm symp 4 low blodd press.).. After bath, kemas bilek serabai serabut.Here, mcm nila bilek anak dare. Proud with myself can settling 2 thngs dat has misering my head since dis early wiken (d pix wil b upload soon, mmg giler bangge sbb dapat kemas bilek ihii~)

Listening to fav radio channel, FlyFm of course. Come Home by One Republic is such a sweet song to listen. I dedicate d song 4 u readers~!! (.^,^.)

Dint have special plan 4 ds wiken. Reading might be d biggest thngs im goin to do, gess haha..

Kempunan cekodok ikan biles. But becz of d high shoot of d anchovies price makes me oftenly stop wondering to eat it. Plus, none of my frens have a free tyms to go to the groceries n do the cekodok 2gder, sdey sgt~ :'(

Here, Send It On by the Disney's grown ups.. Sgt suke Miley & Demi ;) Such a sweet songs for a sweet people like you.. Peace off,papai~

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FdausAmad said...

gua nak ajak lu lepak blog gua.Rilek rilek.