Monday, September 7, 2009

Only craps, nothng special..

All alone right now in my beloved club's room. Doing some Chemo instead 'doing some fb' plus youtubing too.. All I want to say is, IM BORED PEOPLE, duhh~

Feel a lil' bit empty. Maybe Im started to think about thngs in a hard ways again. Im admit it that Im not creative in making solutions for some sort of heavy probs, & easily eager rising up quick when the things Ive planned up dint really works. Feel likes want to 'eat someone' with my bare mouth, muahahaa~!!
(#_#) *gilo*

Hate thOse egOs.. Lets call them 'egor'. Im calling them that becz their behave like one, they really deserves that. Egor in muvees eat human's flesh & attacking peoples but my definition for thOse egor are someone that 'eat people's feelings' with no mercy till the victims become so weak, cant think proper just because cant hold the 'attacks' from these 'egor' anymore (nah, hamik ko). To those who feels that they were ego, please think back about other's feelings. It isnt you the only one who has one or have probs.. PLEASE~!! But wud they change? Huhh~ Lucky us if they understand..

So, to those egos I jz wanna say dat Im sorry if I have do any wrongdoings towards u.. Sometyms there's a mistakes dat i dint realize wen im doin it & please say it direct to us so we dint have any bad speculations more and more on u guys. Jz want to be nice to evryOne & no heart feelings, hokeh?

Its 16th of Ramadhan baby.. Tyms past really fast till we never realizes that our age is past too with evry secs in a day.. Hope we'll grOw very mature in our way of thinking absolutely, insyaAllah..

K, tata now.. Feels bit relieves when I cant burst it in dis kind of way (no yell, shouting or kicking on things anymore, oh please~) even I knew no one wud like to read my writings, hOhO~

Salam Ramadhan, Assalamualaikum (.^,^.)

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