Tuesday, November 16, 2010

As the eldest, & have been grown up in such a surroundings, I always been taught to be the best. Ahaa.. Kelakar bukan bunyinya? Highly expectations, having a good result in every exams, be nice and polite 24/7 and etc etc ... (I think all the eldest especially from the malays family will experience this)

And there is always been said, that life is like 'roda'. Once you were on top of it, but can be one day you can be on the bottom. Same like norm peoples, I do be in the bottom. I do have been on the top, and not forget to be in the middle of it.

The conflicts here is , when you were sooo oh tired for 'trying' be the best. So you (or I in this case) have done so much wrongdoings which has make urself a destruct of own good future, make the one who love us and has sacrifice much for ourself frust on ourself. Ok, serve ourself -_-"

The add up of numbers in age slowly change the set of our mind. When the world rapidly move when we still kidding and playing around about life, take it for granted and less aprreciation to HIM of all the love, bless and this living .. And the most pathetic part is, when everything is seems so late for you. You crawling, when everyone run to get to the destination.

Everything seem so crumble & mixing up, until you dint even know how to plan it very well. You face it like lunatics, you do so much stupidity like you forgot that we still have HIM for us to cry, to listen all the bads ..

Hoi, strenghten heart with the zikr.. Remember !!

Erm, a change for being much better in life can be kind of hard actually. Important is, try to letting all the egos in ourself, and redha. Dont be hypocrite, because it will just make the change is just temporary for you. Honesty is the best deed ;)

Put self in peaceness, banyakkan sabar (most important !!), and discuss more about the life's path with the one who really care for us.. Just do, before its getin more late ..

p/s: Happy eid adha to all :)


zzamanni said...

salam..i really exited when i read your blog..seems like everythin u wrote make sense..since were getting too bz doin all the things everyday, sometimes we 4got to do what we must do and thank to The Almighty coz still give us chance to experience our life..but from my eyes,you deserve a better life after thiz.. wishing u all the best n salam maal hijrah! salam. - zaki zamanni

SyakieraRusli said...

zaki zamanni.. we were in d same workplace but till now i nvr get d chance 2 meet u.. ya, aminn.. insyaAllah wit HIS will, so nice of u, tq :) salam maal hijrah 2u2