Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I just miss him

I miss her too

And the feeling

Sometimes like killing me somehow

I willingly

To change anything

Anything I have

Just once

To meet them back


I know

YOU having a nice

And good care

To my both 'kesayangan'

But if

Only if

YOU grant my pray ..

Because 'this'

Has really makes me hurt deep inside

Want to be in their hug

Want them to kiss me

Want to grab their hands, badly

Want them to listen to me

So that i knew

Im telling to the one

Who care me the most

Meanwhile, I can feel it back

Like the old days

They delivering their loves

To their most spoil granddaughter

Allah, I just miss them so badly

Al Fatihah to my late grandparents - Hj Ismail & Hjh Haminsah

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Anonymous said...

MOga roh arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang beriman.. amiin