Friday, August 12, 2011

Mari merungut people !!!!!

1. Can it be more cheaper public transport rate to get to my office??

2. Oh please dont pee 'pleasantly' you drunken night people on my walking path to the office.. Busuk tau dak ??? Ergh..

3. Should 'I' start the conversation or greet 'you' first, 'you' snobbish sour face ??

4. Why it is so many immigrant @ people on my way back from work??

5. Dear uncle taxi, how can you add up another ringgit from LRT Cempaka to my house? Its not worth it with the service you provide. Paham??

6. I need my own space, and my own time, and my own life, get it ??!!! So 'shuh' you away from my perimeter. Arghh~~ !!

7. I hate you retard-'sms'ers, who dont want to reveal yourself. Makan kasut nak tak?

Istighfar banyak, kan lagi bagus, betol tak?

Ya easy as said. I believe, its not really easy to be so good and nice and sweet and accept everything happen with open-heart.. Ya, I may be have this little bit hot- temper attitude, which has lead me to become more negative and annoy peoples around and (sometimes even myself) in each minutes in my life.

Well, I should be thankful to Allah anyway, because He born me in Muslim family. Im a Muslim since born, Ive been taught to solat, recite Quran and etc..

Since kid age, Ive been sent to kindergarten where it is majorly teaching basic religious topics such how to recite muqaddam, how to perform solah, how to pray the du'a, the do's and the dont's in Islam, and to get know the great Rasulullah (pbuh) and his nice good attitudes for us to follow with.

Hm, reminisce a little bit about our great Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s stories about how HARD it is for him to spread the preaching. With all the ridicule and opposition he have to face, and all the threatens like murdering him and his families and friends.


So, to myself Cik Kuat Merungut, try lah to accept and try to be more open- heart, can you? You were going to office, to do your typical-damn-easy work everyday, not going to some battle-war, bringing along riffles or else. Please lah, be more grateful and cherish everything has been given to you from Allah SWT. Praise to Allah to all the sustenance and life and living, be more positive and strong in days ahead, will ya? Hmm.. Think of peoples who is having far much difficulties in their daily life. Or just think if Allah SWT taking back all the convenient you have right now, wont it make you feel to be more aprreciate and grateful upon HIM, hm?

Being grateful is part of faith. So, if theres any situation or things you dont really like to face, just try to set in your mind to zikr upon Him and to our dearest Rasullullah SAW. Senyum sokmo might help, a lil bit perhaps, hmm.

So, its not really important to bothering about the retard-sms'ers, or the uncle taxi, or the pendatang asing dlm LRT or rapid bus etc.. Just bother more how am I going to cope with all these situation, itu lebih penting, isnt it? Hmm Hmm..

So seems it is Ramadhan, which is the most waiting moment in whole year, where you double the jariah practice, you give a chance to your self (and your stomach) to rest and calm more and focusing on the efforts to be better persons in days ahead. Dont bother or hesitate of what people might say about the change, just go ahead do you things, and it is the bless from Allah SWT is more important to be taken into consideration. Have a blast Ramadhan to myself and all of Muslims out there. And may all our brothers and sisters in Palestine and all the states having difficulties in living their life may Allah SWT blessed you all too. Assalamualaikum and happy fasting :) (Practicing to smile more, ikhlas ikhlas, huu~)

p/s : Islam is the way of life. Mari cube try test praktikkannya..Erk, susah? Try minta tolong mak or friends and share the stories of the difficulties you facing, even it may sounds er, stupid. Hm.. Anyway, Ganbate !!!

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haha,ganbate kak~~ >_<