Saturday, October 8, 2011

Im no more typing, because im boring. My life has no excited-ness like else's.. Im typical grown up girls-to-be-makcik-budak who try the hardest to understand the main reason why Ive been born to this world in 'such' chaotic sometimes happen in my life.

I keep talked to myself before, I have to do this and that. Ya, there's a planning, looks like very perfect one. BUT, theres no actions regarding to plans. And this is so typical Syakierah anak kepada Encik Rosli dan Puan Noor Aini. My parents has nothing to do with it, Im just pity them to have such eldest daughter like myself.

And now I believe, serve sulk in heart without doing nothing in so useless.. Yah, till when I should relies to peoples surround to think for my OWN problem's solutions?? Marah sangat pada diri sendiri. Seriously hangin !!

And when all the muddle come, I sometimes forget that I have HIM for me to turn to. Im easily forget that I have the Holy Quran for me to treat all the sulkness, or perhaps it may help to relieves it a lil' bit. I also sometimes forgot that I have the prayer mat for me to sat meditating and unbosom all unsavoury feelings and appreciate the sense splendours of love in HIM. Im not that young anymore to find myself a pleasure by hanging out with friends for bowlings, or karaoke-ing, or movies. A peaceness heart and true love for HIM all I want the most now. InsyaAllah..

Everyone, including myself dont have the idea when and where the Izrail will take our life. Will I really can R.I.P there, or will I live terribly 'after the line' later? Nauzubillah.. May we all be avoided from such things.

So things I have to do now is 'treating my heart' a lot. Im so hot temper before so the solution is try to be more calm and patient (yah, sounds easy, but I HAVE TO TRY IT, no other choices, NO !!)

May Allah giving us the strength to facing all the coming 'test'. Allah knows best. Alhamdulillah for all the love feelings at heart that conferred by HIM to us..

Guess I should stop now. Ending the post by praying to HIM for the unstoppable grateful feelings and continously faithfull upon HIM, InsyaAllah.. Happy lunch and happy heart. Papai~

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