Thursday, January 19, 2012

The 2011 own stories ..

I can say, half of my 2011 isnt going so well. So many aspects like life, relationship (w' parents, friends, social contact) and working experiences were include in.. But in the same aspects, I can say its not going that bad. Well, Ive learned from the past, and try to conquer it (even its not going as Ive expected). Tapi takpelaa kot, thats why the phrase like' Life must go on' were created, kan?

My working experiences, like the one Ive put on my resume, adelah kot 4-5 kerja, hee.. On January till early March, worked as temp teacher (subt for teacher who take maternity leave) for primary school is one of the most unforgettable moments ever. Somehow, I can say being a teacher is a very cool job. Erk, neglect the parts where I can be so upset or naik hantu when my students dint really want to listen to me, or bergaduh2 masa PJK, yaa ampuuuunnn, menangis di dalam hati taw saye, huhu.. Tapi, what can we say on that. Budak is still budak. Can be adorable and insanely cute, BUT SO NAUGHTY AND STUBBORN. Dan kesabaran acapkali teruji, okeh??

And part paling tak tahan bila kena mengajar PJK, muzik (menyanyi sambil menari2 kau, kelas tak?? ;) selain sciences, maths, english, sometimes replace for Pend. Agama Islam (fuuhh~~ -_-") , etc.. Still, hoping I can meet with those kids again.. TQ for accepting me kids as a small part of your life journey. May my students having a good life ahead, InsyaAllah :)

2nd job in 2011, as Project Coordinator in this company (cant mention the co's name, sangat sensitipppp).. Erm, I dint want to say its a big mistakes joining to 'this' company. Like Ive drag my bestfriends to be a part of it, and sama- sama tersusah hidup akibat sale payah sangat nak masuk because of our clients think its a cons project. But the best part is, I learn the ways how to communicate well with peoples, esp with those who we never know before. Still, a good experience that shall remain in mind forever, hmm~~

And for 1.5 months, being a succesful loafer, go to every interview wherever I get the chance, and on end of July I were accept to my current company, as one of the staff in these scanning and imaging project. Well, really learn a lot, esp in
some software and hardware stuffs. And me with some staffs were contractly running for Pej, Tanah KL project. Surely, there some new experiences too. Ya, what for I care about geran, or apa2 berkaitan tanah sebelum ni. Tapi Ive been introduce and getting familiar with some land transactions, and hey.. also can explain and giving some advices to my friends and neighbours about the transactions done in Pej. Tanah.. Cool kan? And terasa agak dewasa tatkala berbicara mengenai harga tanah, transaksi, etc dengan rakan2 ;)

Well, end of contract, dengan rakusnya saya terus mencari kerja dan cube 'menerai' to be accept to this major bookstore in KLCC, and grateful to Allah, it isnt take so long and Ive been accepted a week after applied. Tapi bertahan sebulan sahaja sebab mungkin my biologically body cant accept to working shifts, as well working on weekend, hehe.. Customer service kinokuniya, left with so many reasons. Still, a very good platform for me to polish my english comm skills, how to communicate with such type of persons etc. Ya, mainly on how to communicate well lah :) And how I will miss all the books smell, the sooth and calm environments. Hm, mungkin lebih better kalau saye jadi customer dari customer service nyer, hee~ ;)

Ujung bulan doblas, masuk balik current company dengan tak malu nyer atas ehsan boss yang recognize saye, wuwuwu~~ Dan secara tetibe nyer terazam mau jadik seorang pekerja yang lebih dedicate dan rajin, woceh2~ ;) Erm, kali ni projek untuk Arkib Negara.. And waaaaa, sangat teruje melantun2 sebab kali ni kami scanning project untuk old documents, surat menyurat sebelum tahun 1900.. And seriously, its not really easy to read their writings, sebab tulisan orang dolu- dolu sangat berseni, siap ada ekor2 bunga lagi. And compare dengan tulisan sendiri, hmm jauh beza langsung terus moral down, haha ;) Sebenarnya, apa yang membuat saye ter'eksaited' jumpa dengan old documents ni kerana saya terasa seperti ada connection dengan orang dulu- dulu.. Erm, Im not sure wether I can explain here what do it contains in these old documents, so its PNC for a moment :)

Still, hoping for a silver line this year. May I learn more after this, and may my boss naikkan gaji lagi sikit haha, joking2.. Its not just about increasing working skills, it also how to improve own disciplines and attitudes in upcoming days. So hoping for everyone good life, and Assalamualaikum (.^,^.)

p/s:ouhh, how boring the entry , kan?.. Well,I think this is the true me.. Nyte alls..

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