Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seperti mahu merespon atas segala yang sudah dilihat dengan mata nan rabun ini. Emoshikah(emosi) ?? Huhu, entahlaa.. Yosh~

Okey, sabar is a part of things I should apply in the whole way of life till DEAD when Ive meet up with such a matters, tapi desakan atau hasutan tidak kedengaran dari syaitonirrajim sometimes can be obey when your mind and your heart dint really commit together and it has lead to such a missering seperti angin puting beliung putar2. Behind all the putar beliung there is a very tiny small part in these unrelevant brain and heart keep shouting and yelling " remember Him the most.. Remeber Him the most.." They shout and yell so softly and almost cant be heard.. But I guess life is unworth if there is no challenge/problems getting in. Janji belajar sesuatu from it...hmm2~

Something terrible in this society has happen and how each single person in this world who realize this can do to fix it. Kekerapan untuk berbuat baik terhadap sesama manusia tak kira status, warna kulit atau agama MENURUN saban hari. Early age of mine, have a neighbourhood with many different customs, religion in one block has made me easy-going to be friend with anyone. We help, care, changing lauk pauk together. Semasa rebung lagi diajar untuk mempraktikkan segala nilai2 yang diajar. In life, we meet with vary type of peoples. Some have a good intention and some were not. Fading up because always meet up with 'prawns behind stones' and 'stabbing from back' type, doing nice is not necesarry anymore. Paling penting adalah diri sendiri. Biar orang jauh ke belakang, biar orang yang punya masalah janji bukan diri kita. AND this is the sickness/disease yang paling melarat dalam society kita sekarang. I really wish I can write all I feel and thoughts in here, but even as by my ownself dint really do much to fix it. So it'll be better if I stop till Im really qualify to do so..InsyaAllah.

Whats wrong of being 'kawaii'? Because that is what all the girls deserves to be. Janji faham dan kenal asal usul dan jatidiri sendiri dan tidak menyimpang dari jalan yang sepatutnya.

Kali kedua tidak beraya haji di kampung. Haih~ =_="

Salam Aidiladha kepada semua Muslimin Muslimat (.^,^.)

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