Sunday, April 26, 2009

Favourite All/Old Tym...I hv one set of Sesame Street's Books where it have 20 titles of it.I gess d books is d main reasons y I do luv English subject during my skewl age.. Tq Ayah 4 d wonderful gifts..Sayang Ayah (walopon ayah ku garang roar~!! huu..) Im wondering y Malaysia production houz neva think to comes up wit ds kind of programme show where i gess it can make d kids nowadays to become more interest in English o makes them become more open minded to their environment..Hmm,pity to kids at ds age.Zaman aku lagi kewl (x gtu 80's babies?? hehh..) They more preferly to stay laid back at houz (xkua2) playing computer games,PS,& bla3.. (ehem,i dn really get use wit those kind of technologies huu~). Gess,if i hv a child in d future i will expose them more on books like those kind of mine.And of course, solat & reciting muqadam at d early age is a must.. Hokey,da byk berangan dah ni. Babai readers..Ciyom sket muuuuwwwaahhhhxxx... ;x

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