Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Total Makeover Weekend..Hee~

Yeay..!! No more chimies on d desk,no more ton sri lanang libry, no more stationaries, n no more probs abt d yayasan thngs.. Oh2, lege mak noks ngahaha.. Jom kite release all d tense n probs doin sthng dat might cn make our adrenalin shoots high..Gurls @ UKM..!! Lets pampering ourself by doin d 'scrubbing', 'masker', total makeover frm head to toe..Cmon gurls...!! Explore d inner n outer beauty of urself by joining me ds wiken.. N 4 Ms.Madah, ds wiken were call 'A Weekend W'out Worries' hoohoo.. Yosh~!! ;p

p/s:syakiera bumbling alone again~ maafknlah dia..

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SyakieraRusli said...

wehh..baru aku sorg xterikat dgn ape2 paper..waa..!!aku scrubbing mke sorg2..ceszz