Monday, July 18, 2011


I've get inspired with two things today. Which is the 1st one by Oprah Show, and the 2nd is the new posted on facebook by one of my fav gurl on donia akhirat, (youknowwhoyouare ;)) entitled skyscraper by demi lovato.

Im sort of person who easily get inspired. Sodamneasy. 1st thing in the typical 'unemployed person' weekdays morning, I usually watched MHI @ ch3, then turn to ch702 for my Oprah @8am. Even its a 2009 season show, and has keep being repeated for years, I believe, its never be bored to watch over.

Okey, merepeks, again. Sadap Syakierah sadap. Ok, this is what happen today. I sweeping and moping and rearrange some of mine and Baizura's things in our room. You know, lately we keep sneeze, coughing and mucus keep running through our throats and all the channel in our head. First we thought all these may cause by haze, smokes everywhere, or dehydrated *weceh, konon lah, hmphh* Since when we dont really realise the habuks habuks at the corner of our room !! Ok, mystery solved.. So, after watching Oprah about room deco and clean all the clutters, I quickly sip my last neskepe *wajip pepagi minom* and checking all furnitures, and it looks good on me, still ;) TAPI...jengjengjeng... While checking behind them, OMD *o mak datok ku*, ini kilang pembuatan habuk ke hape. Makanya, ops vacuum and moping begin. Sweeping happily while listening and nyanyi2 to the max volume all the kpop songs in save. Lastly, I finally happy because Im done with the habuks, and I succeed found RM1.20 in collectively, hmm~~ not something to be proud of btw.. -_-"

Baiklah baiklah.. So for you still looking for some inspiring or motivationally or making you move your malas-ness things, do click here for more. Im going to do this make-over room blog, sooner. And all I need is my kesayangan Encik IKEA lalalaa, sudah lama tidak ngedet sama.

Wokai wokai *mamak style*.. Move to the 2nd thing that has inspired me the most today iisssss.... Taadaaaa.... the Demi Lovato Skyscraper by MiszDotsMyAllTimeFav *ahaa-uuuyeaahh* Publics/worldwide/netizens know about this Demi girl how she ruins herself by taking alcohol and drugs etc, and going to rehab for while and doing her single for the comeback !! How she sounds so bravo with this comeback *macik tompang gumbira,isk* The song like my gurl said in her text, "lagu ni menceritakan semangat kamu", erk.. Tersedak saye mase kat orang kawen haritu after read the text, heeheeheehee ;D

What do I understand from the lyrics *after playing it for the whole afternoon,ngeeeeees* its how you fall down, losing or failing something, and peoples may hate you, somehow, you may be a bit down of what happen but nothing else have to do then stand back, rising from the fall and go move forward for the sake of your own life !! *weceh semangat plak saye,hihiks* Tapi itulah, this is life I believe. Circle of life. Once you were up there, and suddenly you going down. Allah's knows better why He do such planning to us. Just keep praying for the strengthen heart for us to encounter all the probs or challenges or temptations perhaps? So here the song by me, wececeh.. Demi- Skyscraper ;)

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